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Who is Overture, and what do they do? Officially we are an outsourced Managed IT Service Provider and we serve the GTA and surrounding areas. Of course, we have to say that so Google's search bots can help you find us! Our team can simply be referred to as your organization's go-to "IT people".

Members of our team specialize in supporting small businesses, non-profit organizations, and charities. One major concern that we might hear from clients is "We're not computer people!", that's OK because our technical specialists are also customer care representatives that will speak your language to make sure you understand exactly what is being discussed.

Our focus as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is directed to companies who do not require full-time IT personnel because the budget does not allow for it or at many times it is not necessary due to minimal IT systems.

Now your company may have been in the exploratory stages with other MSP's and come to a belief that good support is not a resource that is easily affordable. Overture stands as a testament to breaking that myth, we believe everyone deserves up to date solutions and quality support at flexible prices that can meet any budget.

Contact us today and let's start a dialogue about how we can help you meet your IT goals!

Why Choose Overture

We strive to build long-lasting relationships with our clients; in our experience this is best achieved by helping our clients work through their business and IT challenges. Using a structured approach is key to a successful project regardless of size and scope, this aids us in understanding your business to ensure the right solution is presented.

Every project undertaken is outlined through planning, design, testing, implementation, and support phases according to industry proven methodologies. Using industry best practices allows us to effectively mitigate risks. We work with the client every step of the way by mapping out the areas of poor visibility and establishing risk tolerances, thereby achieving maximum client satisfaction through effective risk management.

At Overture, we take the time to prepare documentation so that every detail is recorded to expedite expansions or avert lengthy downtimes in the future. We hope through our approach to reduce the headaches and stress of managing your IT.

Intelligent and Custom IT Solutions That Harness Your Business Dynamic.
We Manage Your Technology So You Can Focus On Your Business.


  • Cloud Services

    At Overture we believe in the cloud! If you are a small business, on-premises solutions can be a huge strain on costs. As software and hardware are constantly changing requirements at an unimaginable rate, calculating the cost of a server that begins to depreciate from the day it is ordered seems like a fallible idea. Cloud solutions offer scalability without the need to replace hardware that may become incompatible or suffer from technical failures.

    Let us choose the best cloud solution that fits your organization’s needs:

    Virus and Security Monitoring
    Commonly this is not a traditional solution that you may associate as part of the “cloud”. Our team recognizes how cumbersome protection endpoints can be. A large client footprint that bogs down already precious system resources on your workstation, poor detection abilities, and having to depend on an on-premises server for definition updates and policy management that happens to break all too often. Unless a client specifically requests conventional protection we will always recommend our cloud protection endpoints.

    Off-site backups are indispensable. Your business may only need the ability to recover a few specific workbooks or database files or you may wish to have company wide backups for all your staff’s documents. No problem as we offer highly flexible rates that only cost cents to the gigabyte. From backing up your entire server to restoring a PDF that you accidentally deleted we got you covered.

    Email and Office Productivity
    POP3 who? Everything today is in “sync”. Users demand that tablets, mobile devices, and laptops all reflect the same changes and will be replicated across platforms. Office 365 Exchange Online is an email solution you can rely on for your critical calendar dates and messages. Office 365 not only makes sense for small businesses but for non-profits there may be no subscription fees at all. Ask us how Office 365 Exchange Online will help your company today. Our team will help you in setting up your new email accounts or migrating from your existing provider, Office 365 is so easy our clients can add their own user accounts after we get you started.

    Graphic designer in San Francisco, marketing co-ordinator on the 1AM red-eye, and the project lead is in the office? Microsoft Sharepoint Online and Teams can help make the team feel like they’re in the same room… not really, but deadlines and goals will be made clear and can be found at a single point. Revisions to a draft will no longer be confusing as files are uploaded and can be distinctly organized. Teams can keep your staff connected face to face with a solid cross platform app that features HD video conferencing.

  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

    Based on our experiences, many organizations out there have no implemented disaster recovery plan. This is not because they don’t want one, it is because they are under the impression that their current IT personnel are doing this when in fact they are not. At Overture Group, we believe in a transparent business relationship where we simply tell you what is and what isn’t and from there it is your decision as to what action we take next. Often IT providers make assumptions on behalf of their clients, leading to the client not knowing all the facts which can become a costly mistake.

    As the business owner or leader, these are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself:

    1) How and where is my data being backed up?

    2) How often is my data being backed up?

    3) Are my data backups tested for integrity?

    4) Are my backups useful, can they be used to restore meaningful data?

    5) In the event of a disaster (flood, fire, or theft), what is our action plan to ensure that business can continue operation as soon as possible?

    If you are unable to answer any of the above questions then you should contact us right away and let our specialists take the guesswork out of your company’s critical business data.

    For those who are still skeptical, we often ask our clients this:

    What would happen if you woke up tomorrow and found out all of your organization’s data is gone without the possibility of recovery?

    If the answer is that your organization would be out of business or worse, then you owe it to yourself to get a second opinion on your data backup and disaster recovery plan. Overture Group can help every step of the way to ensure your organization doesn’t suffer due to data loss.

  • Infrastructure Services

    Server Equipment
    Is your server rounding the four year old mark? Have you noticed any instabilities or abnormal behaviour? Or maybe your organization has been hit hard by downtime due to server failures. Whatever the case may be, it might be time to investigate the upgrade or replacement of your server equipment. Overture offers many great services and solutions that will ensure your organization’s servers are running at optimal performance.

    Networking Equipment
    Is your office using a residential grade router for it’s Internet connection? For many businesses, a working Internet connection is quite possibly the most critical utility they have at their disposal. If that describes your organization then why trust such a critical function to a device designed for home users? We recommend only top tier, business class networking equipment from industry leading vendors to ensure your Internet connection is performing at it’s very best.

    Does your office need wifi or a more reliable signal? Work with us in resolving your wireless network needs. We offer advanced solutions with features seen in educational institutions and hotels. Tracking device connections, usage, and web filtering are just a few of the things you can control on your network.

  • IT Consulting

    New Projects
    Got a bright idea? Maybe you read about a new product that will revolutionize the company, that’s great! But it might be a good idea to double check with a reputable managed service provider before deploying it company-wide. Luckily, Overture Group has had multiple years of experience in proven technologies while our team also stays vigilant in keeping updated on new technological advances.

    So before you phone up your sales account manager, let us work with you to make sure that you are getting what your company needs to grow. Sometimes you may come across something we don’t know about, which could result in a mutually beneficial partnership, where Overture and your company can work together and reduce your risk in evaluating the product/solution for adoption.

    Case by Case
    Flat fees not for your organization? Your company exhibits a strong DIY culture? So you have all the parts you need to build this, but the box didn’t come with instructions or they just don’t make sense? If you’re having second thoughts or need a partner, get in touch with us. We will help you setup a new server, configure site-to-site VPN connections, or get your staff talking on VoIP phones. Our team will ensure your new deployment meets every expectation set in your requirements and if in the future you want to add or make a change, who better to call than the people that are already familiar with your business and systems infrastructure.

  • Managed IT Services

    Imagine a world where all of your organization’s IT needs are handled with efficiency and precision. A world where your systems are fully secured and up to date. A world where staff productivity is not negatively impacted by degraded systems and slow IT response times. Now imagine your organization working side-by-side with Overture Group. Overture can deliver all of the above and more with cost-effective and proven solutions.

    For a predictable monthly fee, Overture Group will do the following:

    • Monitor your IT environment 24×7
    • Provide on-site and remote support to your staff
    • Keep all computers up-to-date
    • Secure your IT environment and keep it that way
    • Maintain various computer hardware and network equipment
    • Become your Virtual CIO and advise management on the right IT decisions for your business
    • Ensure data backups are in place, successfully performing, and ready to provide disaster recovery


    Why Managed IT with Overture Group?

    As your managed IT services provider, our goal is to be your business partner, not just your vendor. That means we don’t just care about the technology, we care about your business and how that technology will interact with your business. We care about providing you and your staff with the best possible experience. Overture Group will deliver great services, great prices, and a great business relationship. In fact, we’re close enough with our clients that we can identify who they are just by hearing their voice on the phone. If that isn’t personalized service, then we don’t know what is.




Whether you're looking for IT specialists for the first time or you already have IT specialists and want a fresh approach. Why not contact Overture Group for a no obligation FREE consultation? We would love to help your business succeed.

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