Cloud Services

Posted on: October 15th, 2015 by admin

At Overture we believe in the cloud! If you are a small business, on-premises solutions can be a huge strain on costs. As software and hardware are constantly changing requirements at an unimaginable rate, calculating the cost of a server that begins to depreciate from the day it is ordered seems like a fallible idea. Cloud solutions offer scalability without the need to replace hardware that may become incompatible or suffer from technical failures.

Let us choose the best cloud solution that fits your organization’s needs:

Virus and Security Monitoring
Commonly this is not a traditional solution that you may associate as part of the “cloud”. Our team recognizes how cumbersome protection endpoints can be. A large client footprint that bogs down already precious system resources on your workstation, poor detection abilities, and having to depend on an on-premises server for definition updates and policy management that happens to break all too often. Unless a client specifically requests conventional protection we will always recommend our cloud protection endpoints.

Off-site backups are indispensable. Your business may only need the ability to recover a few specific workbooks or database files or you may wish to have company wide backups for all your staff’s documents. No problem as we offer highly flexible rates that only cost cents to the gigabyte. From backing up your entire server to restoring a PDF that you accidentally deleted we got you covered.

Email and Office Productivity
POP3 who? Everything today is in “sync”. Users demand that tablets, mobile devices, and laptops all reflect the same changes and will be replicated across platforms. Office 365 Exchange Online is an email solution you can rely on for your critical calendar dates and messages. Office 365 not only makes sense for small businesses but for non-profits there may be no subscription fees at all. Ask us how Office 365 Exchange Online will help your company today. Our team will help you in setting up your new email accounts or migrating from your existing provider, Office 365 is so easy our clients can add their own user accounts after we get you started.

Graphic designer in San Francisco, marketing co-ordinator on the 1AM red-eye, and the project lead is in the office? Microsoft Sharepoint Online and Teams can help make the team feel like they’re in the same room… not really, but deadlines and goals will be made clear and can be found at a single point. Revisions to a draft will no longer be confusing as files are uploaded and can be distinctly organized. Teams can keep your staff connected face to face with a solid cross platform app that features HD video conferencing.