Knowing your Clutter feature

Posted on: July 7th, 2016 by Alex Tam

Knowing your Clutter feature.

Many of you are using Microsoft’s Office 365 email service, by default it provides a helpful feature by sorting some of your less important communications into a subfolder labeled “Clutter”. Office 365 does this by keeping track of those message that you seldom read, these include emails that are automatic notifications from subscriptions or marketing related.

Clutter’s algorithm differs itself from the “Junk” folder, that is still reserved for items that you have clearly labeled as such in the past, as well as obvious spam or potentially malicious emails (scams and phishing).

That being said, many users find this extra folder troublesome with expected emails ending up there and being overlooked. Turning this feature off is simple:


  • On the far upper right, click the gear icon for your Mail settingssettings


  • Under Mail > Clutter in the left, untick the box that says “Separate items identified as Clutter”. Click Save and go back.clutter